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ESL Fun with Karaoke

These recommendations come from Larry Ferlazzo’s Best of list.  He writes:

Karaoke is a good language-development activity,  and there are quite a few karaoke sites on the Internet….

[These sites are] …available free-of-charge (or at least some of its resources have to be free), easy-to-use, require no download, and allow students — either alone or in a group —  to record themselves singing.  A link to their performance can then be posted on a student or teacher website.

The Sims On Stage is clearly number one on the list. This wonderful site lets users easily record themselves singing karaoke and hosts the performances on-site.  If students don’t want to sing, they can listen to countless others who have while the lyrics are streaming across the screen.

A new one just opened for business today.   The Karaoke Channel Online has an extraordinary collection of songs available…for a price. However, if you choose the free option you have access to two hundred songs, though none of them are particularly up-to-date. But it’s a very easy process to record and save.

You might also be interested in The Best Music Websites For Learning English and The Best Sites To Practice Speaking English.

Thanks, Larry!


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Here is a Verb PowerPoint that points out the power of consistency and simplicity in verb practice.  It uses simple, repetitive sentence structures to help ESL students differentiate between present progressive, simple past, and simple present verbs.  The images come from FreeFoto.com.

A N-MUSD Adult School Beginning High ESL Teacher created the PowerPoint after an “unsuccessful” grammar lesson on the same concept.  Lora writes,

Hi Martha.  Remember the day I told you I had a terrible lesson, and you assured me that I would be able to fix it up?  Well, this PowerPoint lesson is the result.  I e-mailed it to Taylor first, and he’s so excited about it, he’s adapting it to his level.  I used the inidividual white boards you have for teacher checkout in the CASAS office.  The students showed me their responses to the questions before I revealed the correct answers.  Please feel free to share it with anyone else who would like to have it… Since it’s there in its original form the photos and/or the words can be changed to suit the lesson.    

 Thanks, Lora, for sharing your SUCCESS in using materials, resources, and technologies to make subject matter accessible to students (Standard 3), modifying instructional plans to adjust for student needs (Standard 4), and using the results of assessments to guide instruction  (Standard 5). 

We are a community of learners and leaders! 




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Here are our attendance averages for weeks 1, 2, and 3. Attendance grew at our Whittier site in all four classes.  Nice work, Whittier!  I think it paid off to attend Whittier’s Back-to-School night to trumpet our program!!  🙂

Program Averages 1st week 2nd week 3rd week
BESST Night Beg Low 24 30.6 33.75
  Beg High 34 37.25 35.75
  Int Low 33 37.875 35.875
  Int High 28 42.75 37
  Advanced 25 35 34.25
  Citizenship 17 13.5 16
  Computers 24 29.5 26.5
BESST Day Beg Low 21 22.6 23
  Beg High 28 27.6 28.3
  Int Low 33 31.6 29.2
  Int High 34 37 32
  Advanced 32 33.8 38.4
  Computers  27 27.7 26.4
  GED 14.5 15.75 13.75
Whittier Beg Low 36 35.2 37.6
  Beg High 19 21 22.4
  Multi Inter 21 23.6 28.8
  Computers 18 14.8 18.6
CMHS Beginning 31 40.5 38.5
  Intermediate 17 16.5 15.5

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by Mandi Spottsville, Distance Learning Program Coordinator

The Newport-Mesa Adult School is using a wonderful program to help meet the needs of parents who cannot attend our 3-hour classes but who still want to learn English.  This program is called EASY English.  The EASY program is a set of DVDs and corresponding work packets that students bring home to study.     Read on to learn about the series and how you can participate…for FREE!  (Parent Letter in English and Spanish included) (more…)

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NMUSD Adult School ~ a dynamic community of learners and leaders!

We learn to become wise leaders in our families, our workplaces, and our local, national and global community.   Education…becomes the practice of freedom, the means by which men and women deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world.  Paulo Freire

Here are some great interactive resources to help you transform your learners into Leaders, 2008:

prepared by Jim Brice, ESL instructor at San Diego Community College District

Brain Pop: Presidential Election

  • fun, simple videos on democracy, voting, the U.S. Constitution…
  • quizzes
  • activities

 Scholastic News Countdown to Election 2008

Do you know where the candidates for President stand on the issues? …Discover what John McCain and Barack Obama think about major social and political issues. Then, test your knowledge of the candidates and their positions with the Where the Candidates Stand guessing game.

Candidate Bios 2008  created by Jim Brice

1) Count off A, B, C, and D in your group. 

2) Go to the web site for your candidate listed below.

3) Read about your candidate and write one note about each category below.

4) Fill in the other spaces in class with your group later.


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We want to remind all ESL teachers, administrators, and office assistants at Newport-Mesa Adult School that our student transfer policy and procedure are as follows… (more…)

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On his blog Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day……For Teaching ELL, ESL, & EFL, Larry compiled a list of helpful sites for remembering 9/11 in the ESL classroom.  Check out these excellent resources:

Inside 9/11 is from the National Geographic. It has short video interviews, along with transcripts, of key people connected to the event, including survivors.

Complete an audio exercise on 9/11 at the Web Language Lab.  (Note: We’re now commemorating the seventh anniversary.)

America’s Day Of Terror from the BBC has a lot of excellent information. In fact, it might have too much for English Language Learners, so you might want to point students to particular sections of the site.

The Cable News Network has a special page of video and audio clips related to the attack.

New York Magazine has a Photo Gallery of that day’s events.

Voice of America has a series of audio broadcasts, with text, about the 9/11 Anniversary and its effects years later.

The Biography Channel has a Profiles of 9/11 Photo Gallery.

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