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by Mandi Spottsville, Distance Learning Program Coordinator

The Newport-Mesa Adult School is using a wonderful program to help meet the needs of parents who cannot attend our 3-hour classes but who still want to learn English.  This program is called EASY English.  The EASY program is a set of DVDs and corresponding work packets that students bring home to study.     Read on to learn about the series and how you can participate…for FREE!  (Parent Letter in English and Spanish included) (more…)


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  New Certificate Program at Newport-Mesa USD Adult School!

Our new Office Assistant Certificate Program is designed to assist students to prepare for successful employment in an office setting.  The program consists of:

  • textbook exercises
  • computer applications
  • apprenticeship projects

To learn more about this new project-based apprenticeship program, please check out these resources:


Program Overview

Informational Postcard


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Here’s What You Do to Learn English song (doc)

Here’s What You Do to Learn English song (ppt)



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Twenty-one Newport-Mesa USD Adult School students met today at the BESST Center from 10-11am for our second student council meeting. 


We will meet again on Friday, June 6, 10am-11am to continue our animated discussions on how to increase student persistence and refine our programs.  The following student-leaders will help lead our June 6th meeting:

  • Monica from our Whittier Adult School day site
  • Isabel from our BESST Adult School day site
  • Domingo from our BESST Adult School night site

Click on the Continue Reading link for a summary of student suggestions, shared both orally and in writing, from today’s meeting.  (more…)

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Our next student council meeting is Friday, May 9, 10-11am.

Yesterday, 5 student reps from Taylor’s Intermediate ESL classes presented the April Student Council Mtg. ppt to their classmates to spur discussion from all students in preparation for Friday’s meeting.  Taylor bounded into my office:

My students just had an animated discussion about improving student persistence at our school…thanks to my student leaders and the April Student Council Mtg. ppt.  I sat in the back of the room and watched them LEAD!  It was very exciting.

Our aim is to create a truly democratic, participatory student council that supports the real-life application of our expected schoolwide learning results


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Hot off the press…the aggregate results are in!!   

Student Survey 2008 – Aggregate Results

Student Survey 2008 – Aggregate Comments

Here’s just a glimpse:

How did you learn about this class?  
Highest rated: Friends/family – 75.2%
Lowest rated:  Internet – 0.1%
 In which areas would you like more practice?
Highest rated:  Conversation – 60%
Second highest rated:  Reading – 40%
Second lowest rated:  Grammar – 23%
Lowest rated:  Computers – 20%
When you finish ESL classes, what are you planning to do?  
Highest rated:  Get a better job – 45%
Lowest rated:  Get job training – 11%
Circle your answer to the following statements: 
Highest (USUALLY): The teacher treats me with respect. – 97%
Highest (RARELY):  This class improves my math skills. – 23%
 Overall, are you satisfied with this class?
100%   Yes           0%   No

We use our student survey results as one tool for monitoring, evaluating and revising our program.  We celebrate our successes, and we eagerly identify areas of growth for continuous program improvement.

Student Survey of NMUSD Adult Ed Program – Blank Template 
(English w/Span. translation)

To view our complete aggregate results, click on the hyperlinks:

Student Survey 2008 – Aggregate Results

Student Survey 2008 – Aggregate Comments

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s_seagull.jpgIn our April WASC leadership meeting, we brainstormed innovative ways to support our students’ personal and academic growth.  Continue reading for ideas on how our blog empowers the NMUSD Adult School staff to provide adequate services, including referral services, to support students in such areas as health, career, academic, and guidance counseling (WASC Category C, Student Connectedness Criterion).  (more…)

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