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We are a vibrant community of learners and leaders! 

 Our ongoing professional development is a priority because it has a positive impact on student learning.  We use our individual development plans (IDPs) as tools to reflect on our practices, develop our skills, achieve our goals, and further our school mission.

At our planning meeting in September, our Site Council agreed to focus on technology-integrated instruction and student persistence as 2008-09 school goals and adopted our Individual Development Plan, 2008-09

To see Martha’s Individual Development Plan for 2008-09, please click here.

By October 9, 2008 please do the following:

  1. Submit your completed IDP to Martha
  2. Add your new technology goals for 2008-09 to this blog post in the comment box.

Thank you, diligent Learners and Leaders!  May you find rich insight and renewed passion in this time of goal setting and self-reflection.


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We want to remind all ESL teachers, administrators, and office assistants at Newport-Mesa Adult School that our student transfer policy and procedure are as follows… (more…)

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  New Certificate Program at Newport-Mesa USD Adult School!

Our new Office Assistant Certificate Program is designed to assist students to prepare for successful employment in an office setting.  The program consists of:

  • textbook exercises
  • computer applications
  • apprenticeship projects

To learn more about this new project-based apprenticeship program, please check out these resources:


Program Overview

Informational Postcard


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Have you checked out The Lesson Plan Builder?  Here’s what OTAN says about its web-based lesson builder:

The Lesson Plan Builder….

  • provides a customer friendly template to develop lessons for adult educators
  • provides sample lessons as models
  • allows the user to “backward design” a lesson
  • provides a quick link to CASAS and SCANS competencies
  • stores lessons for future use
  • allows sharing with a group or publicly

I signed in (free…easy) and tested it out (very cool!).

Idea:  You can use it to develop your formal observation lesson plan.  You will surely dazzle your administrator.  🙂  I’ll be interested to see what you think of this resource.

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One fellow adult ed administrator/blogger emailed me this question today:

How does your site obtain paired scores for your students?

I emailed him with the steps we take at NMUSD Adult School to get as many CASAS paired scores as possible…plus 5 resources to help with the process.  We hope these ideas are helpful.  Good luck, all! (more…)

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The CASAS pre-test is coming to NMUSD Adult School next week ~ September 16 & 18.  Check the Testing Calendar for your site’s testing date.  Also, please review your CASAS’ Sweet Home to prepare for next week’s pre-test.  In particular, look at the following resources before administering the CASAS pre-test to your class next Tuesday or Thursday.  Good luck with the pre-test, team!  I wish you the best. ~Martha

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 Newport-Mesa Adult School just created CASAS’ Sweet eHome: a happy home for all your CASAS materials.  The purpose of the CASAS’ Sweet eHome is to organize and easily share documents we have created to make CASAS testing process more efficient and effective at our adult school.

Click on Continue Reading » to view, download, and/or edit our 2008-09 CASAS testing documents in the CASAS’ Sweet eHome.  These editable documents were created by N-MUSD Adult School for our teachers’ convenience. 

Nuestras CASAS Son Sus CASAS!  We share to impart, impact, improve, and empower!


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