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Our mission is to provide our learners with the knowledge and 21st century skills necessary  to succeed in today’s local and global community. 


To support our mission-critical objectives during tight fiscal times, we must coordinate and leverage limited resources.  CA Adult Education’s  OTAN (Outreach and Technical Assistance Network) is here to help. 



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FREE technology workshops

At Newport-Mesa Adult School, we prioritize 21st century skills and integrate technology into daily learning across our programs.

To support our mission, we provide ongoing, site-based professional development.  In 2010, we will partner with CA Adult Ed’s OTAN (Outreach and Technical Assistance Network) to offer high-quality trainings on tech-integrated instruction. 

Team, look over the choices of FREE technology workshops that OTAN will offer…for free…at our campus in our very own lab.  Then please vote for your top two choices in our online poll (above).

We are a community of learners and leaders!

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As we  share more teacher-created documents on our webpages, blogs, and wikis, we must educate ourselves on copyright rules and copyleft tools.   Here are some resources:
Copyright and Fair Use



Creative Commons

This is a short movie that explains the Creative Commons Copyright process.  


Tech Training Presentation

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Today’s training Quick Tricks for Powerful PowerPoints will be in the computer lab at the BESST Center, room 118, from 2:45-4:45pm.

Click here for Lora’s handout.

Click here for the 12-10-08 Tech Training Evaluation.

Highlights and Hashouts

I learned to put music into a power point presentation.

At today’s technology training, I gained the following knowledge: implementing PowerPoint into my class with music.

I learned how to change a PowerPoint Presentation and how to insert sound or music into a presentation. 

I will use and create PowerPoint presentations to engage my students into learning. I will incorporate learning strategies shared in our training to make PowerPoint presentation effective.

The training was great. 

I learned how to create better power point presentations and convert music to mp3. 

What I would like to change or add to trainings in the future: printed directions

In today’s training I gained the following knowledge: how to convert wav to mp3, how to add and remove music from a power point, and how to edit/change existing PowerPoints.

I commit to applying my newly acquired skills in the following way:  linking an edited version of a power point on my class blog for students to access in class and at home.

What I liked best about today’s training:   Wide range of practical skills readily usable in class

What I would like to change or add to trainings in the future:  Possibly slow down for hands-on follow through, then redo on individually without prompts (on own).  This was done at one point.  Very helpful.

I increased my proficiency in power point development and making it a learning tool.

By December 19, 2008, I commit to applying my newly acquired knowledge and/or skills in the following way:  I would like to be able to make a power point demonstration and present with my students.

I loved the teaching approach all the instructors had. Their kindness and teaching styles were very helpful. They are all quite educated in this area of expertise.

What I would like to change or add to trainings in the future:  I can’t think of a thing. This training is so important and helpful for me. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to expand my computer-challenged self.

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04_20_7_prevDo you want to quickly find teacher-made PPTs to support your curriculum?

Do you need quick tricks to create powerful PPTs to enhance student learning?

PLUG IN to our next site-based professional development opportunity!

  • Quick Tricks for Powerful PowerPoints 
  • Wednesday, December 10, 2008, 2:45-4:45pm
  • BESST Center Computer Lab, room 118
  • Hands-on practice!!  🙂
  • Gain a treasure-trove of premade PowerPoints from your colleagues
  • Create your own PPT to support your current unit of study!!!
  • Get paid for your participation!
  • Trainers are our very own NMUSD Adult School teachers!!!
  • RSVP to Martha at mrankin@nmusd.us today to secure your seat!

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Keyboard12 NMUSD Adult School teachers and 2 administrators attended yesterday’s voluntary 2-hour tech training.  Read on for our post-game report, including highlights, handouts, and hash-overs.


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KeyboardOur next all-staff tech training is Wednesday, March 26, 2008. 

To view/download our informational flyer (including training’s topics, presenters, and expected learner outcomes) click on the green hyperlink here:

Informational Flyer – March 26 Tech Training

To view/download our March 26 Tech Training Evaluation, click on the green hyperlink here:

Tech Training Evaluation 03-26-08

Our application requirement for this training is to use your newly acquired knowledge and/or skill(s) in class and share your experience here in this post by April 26th. 

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