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Our mission is to provide our learners with the knowledge and 21st century skills necessary  to succeed in today’s local and global community. 


To support our mission-critical objectives during tight fiscal times, we must coordinate and leverage limited resources.  CA Adult Education’s  OTAN (Outreach and Technical Assistance Network) is here to help. 



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from National Commission on Adult Literacy

An economy that thrives in the new global environment! A workforce educated for jobs that pay a family-sustaining wage! America flourishing as a secure democracy and world leader! Powerful demographic evidence points to a clear connection between these ideals and the need for adult education and workforce skills services in America–on a scale unprecedented in history. Following two years of study, the National Commission on Adult Literacy calls for a program on the scale of a “domestic Marshall plan” to achieve these goals. (more…)

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FREE technology workshops

At Newport-Mesa Adult School, we prioritize 21st century skills and integrate technology into daily learning across our programs.

To support our mission, we provide ongoing, site-based professional development.  In 2010, we will partner with CA Adult Ed’s OTAN (Outreach and Technical Assistance Network) to offer high-quality trainings on tech-integrated instruction. 

Team, look over the choices of FREE technology workshops that OTAN will offer…for free…at our campus in our very own lab.  Then please vote for your top two choices in our online poll (above).

We are a community of learners and leaders!

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Discovery StreamingNMUSD launched a district wide implementation of Discovery Streaming Plus this year. This program integrates 9,000 full-length videos segmented into content-specific clips into any curriculum and is tied directly to CA and national standards.  Mandi is our Site Discovery Leader (SDL); contact her at mspottsville@nmusd.us for more info.

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As a follow up to Martha’s previous post about Open Source (free) versions of Word, Excel and Power Point, I wanted to post additional resources available.  At OpenEducationDisc, there is a list of MANY other programs that are all free and almost identical to the original versions. There is a PDF creator that you can use without having to purchase Adobe. There is also a mind mapping software that you can use to organize your thoughts and ideas before writing an essay. The page is full of so many resources and the best part is it is FREE! All you need to do is download it to your computer.

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cell-phoneTexting. You’ve seen it. You’ve probably even done it. But chances are you don’t do it in class. Guess what? We’re breaking all the rules! We are bringing texting into the classroom! Nearly every student has a cell phone and chances are they are texting in class anyway. Why not have them use their piece of technology as an interactive learning experience?!

At www.polleverywhere.com you can do just that. You can create a survey or poll and have students text their responses in class. All the answers are anonymous and the website will automatically update the results as they come in. Best of all, it’s FREE!

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keyboardMandi and I promised to share CUE Tips from the March CUE Conference.   Hey, did you know…?  According to Wikipedia Etymology, the word Q-Tip means “Quality Tip.”  And, yes, this is a quality tip that can clean out more than ear wax.  Listen up, friends… (more…)

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