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Creating a Literate Nation by Leveraging the Power of the Family

Parents + Schools = Successful Children

from National Center for Family Literacy

These innovative materials will be more effective than traditional literacy materials in helping Spanish-speaking families improve their English skills and increase their involvement in their children’s education.

Materials include:


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Here is a great parent-ed resource, provided by the Latino Educational Attainment Initiative:  The Ten Education Commandments for Parents.


Excerpt from the LEA Website:

What is the future of your business?

Will your business have the skilled workers it needs to compete in the global economy?  

To fill the gaps left by education, to assist Latino parents on how to advocate for their children and to spark the importance of education in Latino neighborhoods, the Latino Educational Attainment initiative is working to unify the community, students and parents to produce a highly skilled workforce for the future.

The project’s long-term goal is to create neighborhood-based groups that will provide navigational skills to parents in all of the areas around the 100 low-performing schools in the county.

Read parent testimonials about LEA and its impact on OC neighborhoods

View survey results displaying the impact LEA is having here.

Read LEA’s profile in the Orange County Register.

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Washington Learning Systems just posted a new set of free parent-child early literacy materials, titled “On the Go“.  These materials include 14 activities designed to be used outside the home:  in the car, while walking, during bus rides, etc.  The activities encourage early language and literacy development from birth through preschool. 

Click here to download the activities in PDF format:   “ON THE GO”

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LightbulbThis weekend I was looking for some online Family Literacy resources.  I found this great Family Literacy site, which I wish to share with you.

Family Literacy Resource Notebook

Chock-full of practical, helpful information, such as:

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