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 ESL New Teacher Resource Guide
ABE New Teacher Resource Guide:

10 Easy Things You Can Do To Integrate Workplace Basics (SCANS Competencies) Into Your Classroom

The following list suggests ways to incorporate SCANS skills into your daily instruction. The bold-faced type indicates the classroom strategy, and the list below indicates the SCANS skill to which it corresponds. (more…)

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s_seagull.jpgOur ESL Curriculum Planning Team will meet this Wednesday at the BESST-Center, Room 116, from 2:30-4:00pm.  To view/download our CPT Agenda, click on the below hyperlink:

 CPT Agenda (March 19)

CPT Meeting Minutes (March 19)


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Hand shakeOur curriculum planning team (8 teachers, 3 administrators) just approved NMUSD Adult School’s new ESL course outlines.  Read on to learn about our revision and adoption process.  More importantly, read on to learn how these course outlines are becoming s_seagull.jpgessential tools for our teachers as we pursue our PLC goal of improving student learning.   Read on. Lead on! (more…)

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