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from National Commission on Adult Literacy

An economy that thrives in the new global environment! A workforce educated for jobs that pay a family-sustaining wage! America flourishing as a secure democracy and world leader! Powerful demographic evidence points to a clear connection between these ideals and the need for adult education and workforce skills services in America–on a scale unprecedented in history. Following two years of study, the National Commission on Adult Literacy calls for a program on the scale of a “domestic Marshall plan” to achieve these goals. (more…)


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from National Institute for Literacy – The Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) ~

Construction Math Toolbox combines industry-required math lessons with supplemental academic and career guidance information. It was developed at Renton Technical College as a part of its Transition Math Project. The toolbox provides instructional tools and ideas, worksheets, additional web links, and other teaching aids that connect mathematical concepts in the context of construction. The material is applicable to ABE/GED and transition classes. 

For more free products and materials, check out the LINCS Resource Collections for Basic Skills (Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Numeracy) and LINCS Resource Collections for Workforce Competitiveness Skills (English Language Acquisition, Technology, Workforce Education).

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