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This year we implemented a managed enrollment program at our main site for the ABE and ESL programs.  We use a variety of data sources to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our new managed enrollment program, including CASAS test results. 

In November, we chronicled our Post Test I data results in the blog post:  CASAS ~ Paired Scores & Average Gains are UP!

Last week we administered CASAS Post Test II.  Again, we compared this year’s persistence rates (% of paired scores) and average learner gains with last year’s rates and gains.  Here’s the comparison data for CASAS Post Test II:

Here’s what the data seems to say: 

  • Our managed enrollment sites are outperforming our open entry/open exit enrollment site in 2009-10.
  • In our only apple-to-apple comparison from 2009-10 and 2008-09 (due to budget cuts), our managed enrollment BESST Evening site increased its persistence rates by 22%  and increased its average learner gains by 44% from last year when it was open entry/open exit.

You can read more about our managed enrollment program in the blog posts New Managed Enrollment Plan for ESL Classes and Opening Up to Managed Enrollment.


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Typically, our ESL / ABE professional learning communities (PLCs) meet to analyze data results from our text-based common formative assessments.  Today, however, we meet to analyze the CASAS results from Session 1*.  The purpose of this analysis is to inform instruction for Session 2.  Say, what?  We’re making CASAS into a common formative assessment?  Yep, that’s today’s purpose. (more…)

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s_seagullToday begins the last week of our first session of managed enrollment.  How are we doing?  Our attendance numbers are down…but our persistence rates and average gains are up!  Remember, at NMUSD Adult School, we’re about SUCCESS…not just access! (more…)

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CASAS Practice Tests

pencilThe CASAS post test is coming!

  • November 3 (BESST)
  • November 4 (Whittier)

Here’s how you can help your students prepare:

  • Electronic practice tests are on our Teacher Resources page.
  • Hard copies are in the office’s CASAS cupboard.
  • Extra sample test items are found on the CASAS website.  You must create a login username/password to access them.

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I’ll be frank.  Joining the CASAS 2.0 World has not been easy for me.  It may surprise you to learn that I’ve been grieving these past couple of years as I come to grips with the fact that my beloved old 03_R test series is going away.  

Now, readers, you have two choices here:

1)  Walk with me through the five stages of my grief process by clicking Continue Reading » now.  (It’s all part of the process, People.)


2) Fast forward to the acceptance and hope stage and know that NMUSD Adult School will soon switch to the 080R test series and begin e-testing.


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Check out these PowerPoints from CASAS

Ideas for Use:  You can take your class into our lab, and each student can Lightbulbwork through the PowerPoint.  Or, you can project the PPT onto your SMART Board and invite students up to select the correct answers while the rest of the class writes the answers in their notebooks. 

CASAS Test Prep for the 21st-century learner!

Click here to get to CASAS download center.

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CASAS recently revised and revalidated its CASAS Competencies.  Writes CASAS,

The changes update the life and work skills needed by youth and adults in today’s society and reflect the increased role of technology in the 21st century.  Competency areas that have been expanded or added include:

  • education
  • health and medical information
  • financial literacy
  • media literacy
  • technology

CASAS Competencies, revised 2008 

Correlation of CASAS Competencies, Version 2003 to 2008

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